South Grand Lake Vet Clinic is committed to helping every pet live a longer, happier, and healthier life. To honor this committment we offer a full range of health services for your pet.

Medical Services

Our veterinary medical services include, but are not limited to, the following: Routine wellness examinations, vaccinations (customized recommendations according to pet’s risk factors), heartworm and parasite testing and prevention, illness/injury exams, ophthalmological evaluations, dermatology testing and treatment, chemotherapy, management of diabetes/other chronic illnesses, and pain management.

Surgical Services

Our clinic offers routine surgical services, such as ovariohysterectomy (spay) and castration (neuter) in addition to a host of other soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Examples of soft tissue surgery would be: foreign body removal from the gastrointestinal tract, lump removal and biopsy, surgery to remove bladder stones (cystotomy), and laceration repairs. Orthopedic surgery includes the surgical fixation of fractured bones, cruciate ligament repair, and patellar (kneecap) regrooving. If our veterinarian is unable to identify or repair the source of your pet's orthopedic problem, we may recommend a referral to a specialized veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

All surgical procedures are performed in a clean surgical room using sterile technique. The veterinarian is assisted by a knowledgeable and experienced veterinary nurse. Pets are attended to throughout the recovery period and we are utilize pain control medicines to keep them comfortable and to speed the healing process. Information is provided to each pet owner regarding at-home care and follow-up appointments.


Your pet’s safety is important to us and we understand the anxiety that accompanies the thought of having to anesthetize your companion for any kind of procedure. The clinic will do everything possible to minimize any risks to your pet and will make recommendations based upon your pet’s age and medical history. We can offer a variety of anesthesia services for your pet, using a variety of medications, both injectable and inhaled. Pets undergoing anesthesia are typically pre-medicated with an injectable drug which helps the pet relax so that full anesthesia can be induced more smoothly and safely. The pet then receives intravenous medication to cause loss of consciousness. A tube is then placed into the pet’s airway and gas anesthesia keeps the pet comfortably unconscious during the course of the procedure or surgery.

While a pet is under anesthesia, we utilize sophisticated computerized monitoring of the pet’s vital signs, including temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and ECG. This is comparable to the monitoring utilized in human anesthesia procedures. At the conclusion of a procedure, we can print out an average of all the parameters measured to see how well your pet tolerated the anesthesia. From this information, we can make decisions regarding future anesthesia and customize recommendations for your pet. Safety of your anesthetized pet is our #1 concern!

Dental Care

One of Dr. Broaddus’s areas of interest is in veterinary dental care. He has been a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society and has attended workshops and conventions specifically focusing on the latest in veterinary dental research and techniques. At SGLVC, we offer dental care that is customized for each individual pet, with a focus on preventive care, accurate record-keeping (which makes it easier to monitor conditions over the years), surgical extractions, periodontal care, and aggressive pain control.

Dental prophylaxis is performed with your pet under general anesthesia. It involves cleaning the surface of each tooth and scaling below the gumline, where food, bacteria, and tartar build up. To ensure the safety of your pet, pre-anesthetic blood work will be performed before the dental procedure.

Please ask us about things that you can do at home to help keep your pet’s teeth and mouth as healthy as possible. And remember to have your pet’s teeth evaluated EVERY year so that we can address issues before they become painful and/or contribute to other illnesses.


Our clinic is proud to offer state-of-the-art Digital Radiology Services. Digital x-rays allow pictures to be taken faster (no more processing of films!) and images can be digitally enhanced for best visualization of a problem. Digital x-rays can also be easily sent directly to specialists when needed.


We have a complete in-house laboratory offering same-day service on most common laboratory tests, including CBC, Blood chemistry (measures blood sugar, electrolytes, kidney function, liver function, etc), coagulation, urinalysis, and intestinal parasite exams . We have access to a large national reference laboratory for advanced testing and pathology exams. Dr. Broaddus’s wife, Stephanie, is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, so lab work is her passion. She maintains the veterinary clinic lab to human hospital standards.


South Grand Lake Veterinary Clinic is proud to sell and recommend Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods. Dr. Broaddus feeds his own pets Hill’s foods and has used just about every formulation available on his own pets. He is impressed by the research that Hill’s is performing right now on the science of “nutrogenomics”--which basically means that you can influence an animal’s gene expression with diet. This science holds a lot of promise in preventing and reducing illness by feeding the proper food for your pet. We are happy to recommend the right food for your pet based upon your pet’s life stage and medical condition and are happy to answer any questions you might have. In addition, Hill’s guarantees their food 100% . . . if you or your pet are not happy, you can simply return your opened bag for a full refund! .

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